Cruz And Woodley Impressed By Mcgregor’s Performance

Dominick Cruz the UFC bantamweight champion (Former) and Tyron Woodley the present welterweight titleholder were both overwhelmed with the performance shown by their compatriot Conor McGregor on the night of Saturday.

The fight happened between the McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, before flopping in the round 10. The referee came in to stop the contest, because Mayweather improved to 50-0.

At the time of the post-fight show; Woodley said, “I was delighted to watch such a good fight, I wanted to see the one. And this happened to be the one”.

“In the match, I think Floyd would want to see him hit the floor. And Conor had no more left. He wasn’t aware how to clinch properly. It is good for him that referee stepped in and stop the fight, otherwise, he would have got the knocked out. This is because, Conor lost all his strength, and this was not the video game, where Conor could have regained his.”

He further added that “I believe that the Conor was in good condition at the beginning of the match, but some of his efficiency was missing from the start only. He was not aware as how to position his punches. During the match he also used to bring the hammer, however, he became the nail and thus it didn’t work for him. What Cornor lacked in the match was the mental pressure and the experience of boxing.”

On the other hand, Cruz didn’t assume that the fight would reach to the level of round 10, but “Notorious” showed that the fighters of MMA can compete with boxers in their sport.

He said “The fight went longer than my assumption; both of them said the fight will finish earlier. However, the overall match was great and entertaining”

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