UFC’s exciting fighter Dominique Cruz has finally returned to the Octagon after a Lengthy injury spell left the well acclaimed UFC fighter on the sideline for almost four years.

Despite his long time out, the sensational fighter has completed and an extraordinary comeback by reclaiming the bantamweight title he relinquished due to injury.

Cruz, who won the fight against his fierce rival T.J Dillashaw by a split-decision endured a strong finish from his opponent in a match that lasted for five enthralling rounds in Boston.

After the match, one may say, Dominick Cruz ended his injury nightmare by stunningly reclaiming his bantamweight championship from T.J Dillashaw on a now famous Sunday night.

The returning Cruz walked gallantly into the arena as though he hadn’t spent years nursing an injury that confined him to the treatment table. The incredible fighter matched his opponent Dillashaw step-for-step in a nip-and-tuck contest, eventually claiming a split decision to win the contest.

Cruz who reclaimed his bantamweight title in an extraordinary fashion was initially stripped of the title without losing. His relinquishing of his now recovered title was due to a horrific knee injury he sustained years ago.

However, despite the setback triggered by his length injury, the powerful fighter made an incredible comeback by practically utilizing his deadly fleet-footed style against Dillashaw in Boston to reclaim his lost Bantamweight title.

The match ended in a spectacle that saw the new champion complete three amazing takedowns thereby making it the very first time Dillashaw was swept off his feet all through his UFC career. Also, Cruz used his mesmeric footwork to his advantage, often forcing his less experienced opposition to swing at thin air. While Dillashaw later found success in, forcing Cruz to limp over the finish line, it wasn’t enough to preserve his bantamweight title.

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