Cruz To Faber: “You Look Like A Bum. You Dress Like A Bum.”

Dominick Cruz Video Score: 4 / five

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24 Responses to “Cruz To Faber: “You Look Like A Bum. You Dress Like A Bum.””

  1. apocalypse123 says:

    Cruz is a fucking cunt.

  2. shhhake says:

    that was the most queerish “peace out” ive ever heard. cruz is a great fighter, just a bit of a cunt. dont respond to this scumbag faggot motherfuckers

  3. unvme0813 says:

    Yeah we are, but sorry your opinion is wrong. Like literally more wrong than you could ever be about anything. Faber got beat by Dominick pretty convincingly.

  4. EnjoiPhillip says:

    Because when he “beat” Urijah it was unanimous decision and i know i sound like a fan girl but Urijah was cheated out of it in my opinion. Everyone is entitled to opinons I suppose though.

  5. unvme0813 says:

    How do you reach that conclusion? Dominick is clearly the best Bantamweight in the world when he’s not injured. Urijah just won’t beat Cruz or Barao. He’s good, but not the best.

  6. EnjoiPhillip says:

    I hate Cruz almost as much as i hate Anderson Silva. He is way to mouthy and he knows if he takes on Faber again the title is gone.

  7. wildcat31772 says:

    how was he bein a prick if he was telling the guy that lost that he was a warrior and to not let anyone get him down?

  8. AkiraX39 says:

    what is this wwe

  9. macurama117 says:

    your a special kind of stupid aren’t you?

  10. zel2113 says:

    He has 4 wins and 2 loses in the UFC, seriously why would you hate on someone? Why would you want him to retire when he is on a two win winning streak? He finish the last two fights by submission. His fight in 157 was badass, I don’t remember seeing anybody else monkey their way around a person back to a standing RNC before.

  11. Poached Vaninho says:

    Solid argument

  12. Izzy Evans says:

    Dom is complete ‘badass!’

  13. joseph mengele says:

    faber sucks fat hairy donkey balls. he beat no-name people in the wec and now he cant beat anyone at all in the ufc. he’s short and weak. retire mate

  14. JCKohl says:

    Dominating the points but not dominating the fight. Like Faber has said before, rules are what keeps Cruz winning, but in no way, shape or form is he dangerous.

  15. jmanvip1 says:

    Yea but who wants judges decision? Why not be known as a guy who can finish fights. Yea he doinates and wins by decision but thats no fun.

  16. MrSpiderman14 says:

    dana needs to strip dom of his belt already. it sucks he is injured but its been way too long now and barao needs to be called the champion, straight up. when dom comes back he can face barao and honestly i think barao is getting the W

  17. Steve128967 says:

    Combining speed and KO power the way Aldo does is not easy, and he also cuts a decent amount of weight which would account for at least somewhat of an increased knockout percentage, whereas Cruz is naturally very light as far as I know.
    As for GSP, I don’t like the way he fights (though his jab is a thing of terrible beauty when he stands), but the fact of the matter is, he wins fights and is the most well-rounded mixed martial artist ever.

  18. disturbed157 says:

    then you must be a gsp fan. that is not dominating by any definition of the word. if you’re “dominating” then you should be able to finish the fight. if he went up and fought jose, he’d get finished first or second round 9/10.

  19. iCb3ATz says:

    I watched this season recently and Tickle was not putting 100% into practice and instead fooled around and caused problems, so it’s reasonable for Cruz to be mad. However, I believe Tickle would have won that fight; he was looking great. Glad Faber noticed.

  20. Protectereli says:

    I’ve met both Cruz and Uriah and they were both really cool guys but Faber seemed to be egotistical and Dominick just seemed like your average dude, he was conversing and very grateful to all the fans talking to him

  21. mansondevil33 says:

    I like the part when Cruz said “You haven’t won one in the last year” and Faber said “21 title fights.”

  22. toroga1 says:


  23. toroga1 says:

    I thought Cruz was being harsh on that kid, I think Faber interjecting positive comments to the kid was nice, even though he wasn’t the couch. I just like nice people and don’t like mean people

  24. Vincent Simonetti says:

    Faber was being a prick though.