Dominick Cruz Continues To Defend His UFC Title

We are all familiar with the tactics of the champions of calling their opponents names in front of the media and to challenge them in forthcoming fights.

Dominick Cruz is not afraid to sit back and so he has been accusing Urijah Faber. The accusations relate to usage of PED which he feels is simply out of jealousy.

This is definitely in the event of promoting the fight that is coming up for defending the title. UFC 199 will feature Urijah and Dominick where the latter will be defending his title. There are a lot of promotions being done for the upcoming fight. Faber has been talking about Cruz using PED while Cruz has said that the allegations have no ground. Cruz feels that Faber is resorting to slander. He accused Faber of having deserted the kid; he mentored and states that Faber is capable of deserting his own family if it makes him look good.

Cruz is bothered by the rumors that Faber is spreading about him, which he asserts is baseless. For experienced fans of both fighters, this kind of name calling is usually a ploy to get the attention of the fans and to hold the same till the fight is on.

Dominick Cruz is definitely a fighter to look out for. He had defeated Demetrious Johnson about four years back and was able to hold his title in the UFC bantamweight category. The run has continued since then which is definitely an achievement as Dominick has been able to hold onto the title since then. It is definitely putting him on the path of winning a record for the number of defenses he has put up for the UFC title. Cruz also has respect for his opponents, which shows the champion that he is and the true spirit that he maintains of the game.

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