Dominick Cruz Expects Surgery on Injured Hand, Out for At Least 4 Months

Dominick Cruz Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dominick Cruz Expects Surgery on Injured Hand, Out for At Least 4 Months”

  1. baphomet58 says:

    @slowSEVENTEENmotion that’s what always happens. big ole dana ends up mentioning it and the fighter acts like ‘awe man, why did you say that?’ think a bit outside the box.

  2. slowSEVENTEENmotion says:

    @baphomet58 Man, did you watch the fucking interview? The guy NEVER MENTIONED his injury during the post-conference (which Dana commended him for).

  3. REDZ28won says:

    Cruz is a very Good fighter. seems like a good guy!

  4. nagone11 says:

    Damn…CRUZ looked fucking great in this last fight, boy can throwdown for reals!!

  5. F4stFow4rd25 says:

    met him…he is a good guy

  6. KH1523 says:

    XYZ bro hahahahahaha

  7. Lambofgod2316 says:

    @perbe28 lol because idk. im not that big

  8. perbe28 says:

    @Lambofgod2316 you are 6 foot 3 and you weigh 165, wy not 265 like a ufc heavyweight fighter ?

  9. perbe28 says:

    For his fight with Faber he needed to cut 20 pounds and for his fight with Johnson he said he had troubles with cutting weight

  10. bschmall95 says:

    @baphomet58 shut that Fuck up, he didnt even talk about the injury you Momo

  11. Lambofgod2316 says:

    @tomasn1521 No hes not 160 hes bigger then me but im 6 foot 3 and im 165 no way that shorty weighs as much as me lol

  12. perbe28 says:

    @MMAoracle Damn that’s wy he struggled to make weight.

  13. MMAoracle says:

    @perbe28 I think even bigger actually.

  14. tomasn1521 says:

    @perbe28 Maybe but i doubt it cutting 25 pounds is a little tuff
    maybe at 150

  15. perbe28 says:

    damn, Dominick looks big I think he walks around at 160 or something

  16. surenopimp says:

    @MegaPussyfarts Its easy for ppl to talk shit behind a screen and keyboard i respect every fighter as well Cruz looked amazing in that fight getting closer to p4p status

  17. mrbadman51 says:

    @mrbadman51 all yeah that fight´╗┐ was like soo boring because there was no finsh at the end of it. stop watching the sport.

  18. mrbadman51 says:

    @baphomet58 all your that fight was like soo boring because there was no finsh at the end of it. stop watching the sport.

  19. MegaPussyfarts says:

    how can people talk shit when theyre behind a keyboard? I respect every fighter, like them or not.

  20. baphomet58 says:

    guy’s a little bitch. Notice whenever a boring fighter has a boring as shit fight, they blame it on an injury. I’m sick of this shit.

  21. VincentTON420 says:

    @KingOyez naw im not a redneck(dont know where the fuck u got that from) or a troll i just tell it like it is…cruz is a scared ass bitch and ur a fag. eat a dick. oh yeah and i would beat the living shit outta cruz if i ever saw him real talk holmes i got like 100 pounds on him and i actually know how to fight unlike that pussyass bitch.

  22. iM0nst3r says:

    This is why he keeps breaking his hand(s) and hasnt knocked anyone out, he has weak ass bone density in his hands. Someone should teach him how to condition them properly.

  23. Queenmaniaco666 says:

    @JohnnyBoyCali i’m not talking to you … so shut the fuck up! ur fucking moron..

  24. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    @Queenmaniaco666 He’s not an animal.

  25. Queenmaniaco666 says:

    Good interview !! Dominick is an animal! this guy is a badass!!! he is fucking great! probably the most well rounded guy in the game ….