Dominick Cruz talks torn ACL, wants to punch Faber in the face, picks Dos Santos over Mir

Dominick Cruz Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Dominick Cruz talks torn ACL, wants to punch Faber in the face, picks Dos Santos over Mir”

  1. GodWontSaveU says:

    fucking* you idiot

  2. MrThongLover says:

    A black redneck, you really have nothing going your way.

  3. Roberto Anaya says:

    I love cruz style of fighting but in this interview he sounded like a
    douchebag right in the end he was giving out this negative energy even the
    interviewer felt it i mean i realise they get annoyed to be asked the same
    question over and over but damn u can tell hes a CUNT.

  4. TheWolfmansCock says:

    if he sucked he wouldnt be the bantamweight champion O.o

  5. Synax Four says:

    You need to fix your fucking titles, he said “I would be lying if I said I
    didnt wanna punch faber” That doesn’t sound like “punch him in the face”
    you over-hyping fucks. Don’t make the fighters sound like dicks heads.

  6. MrThongLover says:

    You are not entertaining and an idiot, this is correct.

  7. TheWolfmansCock says:

    im sure Dominick Cruz tore his ACL on purpose…what a dumbass i wanted to
    see this fight as much as anyone else but wtf how stupid can ppl be

  8. MrThongLover says:

    You dont like me?? LOLOLOLOL a keyboard warrior LLOLL

  9. GodWontSaveU says:

    pathetic? i’m sure you would know something about that between your legs.

  10. severed321 says:

    lol why, because i dont like the interim title bullshit? and im sorry you
    dont find me entertaining but i dont like stupid people.

  11. Synax Four says:

    now everyone knows you think about SUCKING DICK all day, i’d hurry and
    delete this comment before more people find out you’re a faggot, hahaha!

  12. GodWontSaveU says:

    did it turn you on asking me that question? nvm, your giggling said it all

  13. severed321 says:

    lol you must be new to the internet, it would account for your stupidity.

  14. chursthouse says:


  15. severed321 says:

    lol what? holy shit you’re stupid.

  16. GodWontSaveU says:

    haha who are you? severed’s lover or superhero?

  17. w0y1z92753 says:

    Cruz isn’t injured. He’s just scared of Faber.

  18. severed321 says:

    you’re* you fuckin moron.

  19. Tim Stoddart says:

    hey.. look down if you want to see a bunch of nubes fighting on youtube
    chat 🙂

  20. GodWontSaveU says:

    you are one funny homofobik virgin. my question is how funny is it thinking
    about me thinking about dick?

  21. coza10 says:


  22. severed321 says:


  23. Jack Roberts says:

    Video starts at 0:16 Thank later

  24. Lifehousefan247 says:

    oh cuz that makes sense….Faber (the cleft chin wonder boy) lost to Cruz
    in their last bout. Cruz proved to the world that he greatly improved from
    his first fight with Faber. anyway, Faber is unfortunately the un rightful
    poster child of the UFC because of his transition from WEC to UFC. Let me
    hit your knee and see how you feel!

  25. Stephon Cruz says:

    ignore my other post just like the other idiots do. i watched the fight
    with about an even rooting for the two fighters. its hard to say which one
    i like more because faber i feel carried the wec but i really like the way
    cruz fights (wish he would finish someone though). if you knew how to judge
    a fight you would see. FFS just go to fightmetrics.