Dominick Cruz Training Camp at Alliance for UFC on Versus 6

Dominick Cruz Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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22 Responses to “Dominick Cruz Training Camp at Alliance for UFC on Versus 6”

  1. 217ratedr says:

    do you train with a wrestler from washington state named JJ Garza?

  2. ImperialDecree says:

    WHOAAAA at dude throwing a 360 jumping roundhouse kick @1:02 :O

  3. MMAUpdater says:

    If him and Jose Aldo clear out their divisions I would love to see Aldo vs Cruz at a catchweight of 140.

    If he had some more power he could finish more fights and definitely be dominant. Either way he’s entertaining without finishes.

  4. rcharles317 says:

    this dude should be on the p4p list if he wins his next fight

  5. edgartj17 says:

    @SxeScotty based on how good he is compared to the rest of the division!
    he already defend his title on multiple occasions, not just his UFC title but his Bantamweight title as the best 145 fighter in the world since the WEC was the major title for that division before the WEC/UFC merge
    he already beat the best guys there Joseph Benavidez , Bowles and Faber. no one will be able to stop him now.

  6. AJROSS80 says:

    @L0njanis yeah, I seen in another video him saying he just called Alexander Gustafsson “Sweden” lol

  7. L0njanis says:

    @AJROSS80 Yeah I know it seems that way, but he says that about everyone in his gym, watch other interviews lol. He is just trollin

  8. pease05 says:

    awesome cant wait to see dom fight again !!! hes fukn beast !

  9. jeremy251 says:

    I don’t see anyone beating Dominick Cruz for a long, long time. Just Saiyan 😛

  10. AJROSS80 says:

    “I don’t know his name, we just call him Turkey” what an arrogant prick. He could at least take the time to learn his training partners names, that’s disrespectful IMO

  11. thaghost1988 says:


  12. SxeScotty says:

    @madklint There’s always up and comers, 135 is a weak division compared to every other one anyways, he’s only had 1 UFC title defense WEC doesn’t count. Who knows Demetrious Johnson could beat him even, he definitely has a large speed advantage.

  13. JDVwarcraft says:

    Why is part 2 and part 3 private?

  14. madklint says:

    @SxeScotty he probably will come very close to GSP territory because Urijah is the second best 135er and Dominick already beat him Urijah is getting worse while Dominick is getting better plus Dom is already at 3 defenses

  15. darthfoul says:

    great video

  16. LowerPartOfHighEnd says:


  17. SxeScotty says:

    @edgartj17 lol….. based on 1 ufc title defense? I highly doubt he’s gonna even come close to GSPs current 6 or Andersons 9.

  18. mjsstujo1 says:

    Dang, anyone else REALLLY wanna see that training footage uncut!

  19. Vakubli says:

    Impressive. With be there in DC.

  20. edgartj17 says:

    Dominick is going to be the longest Champion to hold a belt in UFC history!

  21. EsotericOaf says:

    Cruz is a freaking beast. Most legit Bantamweight Champ since Torres.

  22. normajeantbs says:

    please put might mouse to sleep, War Cruz!!