Dominick Cruz training his footwork at Alliance Training Center

Dominick Cruz Video clip Rating: 3 / five

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25 Responses to “Dominick Cruz training his footwork at Alliance Training Center”

  1. kajjagoogoo says:

    i wish you would upload this without the time lapse, unless theres a
    perfectly valid reason why you didnt. In which case, good day.

  2. wastedagain9 says:

    @kamikazefighta it says a time lapse from 400 pictures thats not lag

  3. lightningdragon333 says:

    @kamileon72 the reason its slow is because they’re actually pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ruben Torrens says:

    he look to be shuffling LOL <3

  5. gameboy010203 says:

    @kajjagoogoo cameraguy was probably on ecstacy

  6. chairmanwho says:

    Dominick Cruz is slick. I bet he leads the team of Alliance to win the next
    season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

  7. triviumgibson says:

    Everyday iยดm suffling.

  8. Robert Wanko says:

    Watched it with 100% focus on his footwork, best footwork in MMA. Re
    watched it after reading comments, totally looks like hes shuffling.

  9. DezertSt0rm345 says:

    this is not footwork training it is (his version of) shadowboxing

  10. bizzyeco says:

    looks like their all dancing :p

  11. hey hey hey says:

    read again kid,im not going to educate u unless u pay me ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. OnRockIT says:

    He looks like one of those break dancers.

  13. cbshred1 says:

    This sucks.

  14. juan twotree says:

    jeez! sure wish i can train and move with a glitchy, strobe light effect
    like them.

  15. kamileon72 says:

    This video would have been 100% better in normal speed!!!!!!!

  16. LB23BJJ says:

    couldnt agree more

  17. dabong9 says:

    Fred Astaire taught him well. ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Ben Eberle says:

    Let me teach you the dance of my people

  19. Aaron Moses says:

    I wonder what it feels like to be able to move like that, it’s like the
    entire world is just one big bouncy surface for him. It just looks like
    he’s got some of that green shit from the movie “Flubber” on the bottom of
    his shoes.

  20. 090681kj says:

    @sk8forlife90 hes probably about 150ish right there

  21. hey hey hey says:

    only reason why hes good is becuz hes a boxer

  22. loco lumo says:

    yo entreno igual

  23. fuckmylife528 says:

    EVERYONE who thinks this is gay try fighting like this you will not get hit
    if you have footwork like this and proper cardio ive been doing this for a
    week then i put on some glove sparred with my older brothe i sliped and
    countered his ass all day

  24. AL says:

    @090681kj even during fight time he looks bigger than 135.

  25. ThyChrysanthemum says:

    This man can shuffle.