Ian McCall on Dominick Cruz, UFC, Family Entertainment

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9 Responses to “Ian McCall on Dominick Cruz, UFC, Family Entertainment”

  1. mikeesteele says:

    I don’t hate them all, just most of em.

  2. 619lefty says:

    I do agree that some guys who wear mma fight gear do try and act hard, but who gives a shit??? You can tell the tough guys by their ears, not their clothes. Anyone who trains knows this, so why care what other people wear??? Guys have been trying to act tough at bars, clubs, ect. for years, so nothing new here. Most guys wear mma clothes to score chicks, so don’t hate on them for wearing their tacky mma shirts…

  3. mikeesteele says:

    No not at all. It’s just that real tough guys don’t walk around with a fucking sign that says ” I’m hard as fuck” , as per most douche bags that wear fight gear out and about at bars, pub and clubs. Supporting your team is all good but that’s different to fight branding. I train with a guys who are tough, and they don’t resort to that sort of peacocking, attention seeking bullshit. The boys wear some fight brands but they wear it to the gym, not as a fashion statement.

  4. 619lefty says:

    So by your logic, anyone who wears a football, basketball or baseball jersey is a douch bag???? Hello pot….

  5. mikeesteele says:

    You Sir, are shit.

  6. rdydtf says:

    McCall almost finished Johnson. And that was on a bad night for him. I’m expecting him to be extremely focused for this fight…that said, ……. WAR MCCALL!!!

  7. Anar Chy says:

    your gay .. twice

  8. mikeesteele says:

    Ian Fuck’n owned mighty mouse! And he’s right, nothing worse than fucking douche bags wearing fight gear in the street, hate fuckers like that.

  9. Anar Chy says:

    calm down little fuck , you got own by mighty mouse and your lucky to get a rematch … he talk a lot , but he dont back it up …