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25 Responses to “MMA vs NINJA”

  1. sambo1yrmom says:

    mma is as close as you can get to gay porn and still be on cable tv. think
    about it: two naked sweaty buff dudes in their underwear, rolling around
    hugging on the floor bleeding and grunting. fags.

  2. Bluemagus says:

    …So which one is the ninja?

    I’m guessing it’s the white guy because he did most of the striking, but I
    have no idea. 

  3. Chris Hitchens says:

    I love how mma exposed all the stupid fake martial arts that don’t help you
    at all in real fighting. All those idiots who spent years doing aikido,
    kungfu and other ninja shit must feel like shit.. Realizing that they
    actually can’t fight.

  4. chamboyette853 says:

    The fight was not at all fair. The white guy hit the black guy so many
    times but just let himself get hit a few times. Had the black guy hit the
    white guy the same amount of times then he would be out long before. SO IT

  5. Aaron Harvey says:

    This is actually kind of impressive. I mean, there are some things that
    aren’t satisfactory, but this is definitely a step in the right direction
    for this particular martial art. Just add some guard work and maybe some
    kickboxing elements and ninjutsu could actually become a serious combat
    sport. I’d love to see ninjutsu evolve to fit in with modern martial arts
    and be cleaned up. Just gotta take away all that silly stuff about ninja
    stars and whatever else isn’t useful today in the slightest. I think
    ninjutsu has lots of potential if trained, studied and modified in the
    right ways. It’s not even that of a far fetched idea either. It happened
    with japanese jujitsu and many many other martial arts.

  6. Konrad Pawelczuk says:

    ninja is trained to kill, toss them a few weapons the ninja will win 100%
    of the time.

  7. wnc817 says:

    MMA rules disallow many of Ninjutsu’s teachings, such as eye-gouging,
    throat-ripping, neck breaks, etc. Also, no weapons are allowed. Ninja’s are
    meant to be trained assassins. Let the both fight with swords or where
    there are no restrictions and then see who wins.

  8. Ravishing Rick says:

    MMA=Wrestling with haymakers

  9. DeadlyKUNGFU-eyepoke-n-groinkick says:

    LMAO@ all these butt hurt wannabe ninjas!

  10. HIRE2HACK says:

    Real ninjas don’t exist anymore. Ninjutsu contains only a very small
    portion of hand to hand combat. If this was a real ninja looking at killing
    this man he would have been dead before he got to the ring; perhaps a bomb
    under his car or a simple iron bar through his skull when he went to the
    toilet or a million other ways to kill someone. Ninjutsu is not for mma.

  11. FearLess Gamer says:

    whos the ninja

  12. Yi Zong Ong says:


  13. colkestrel says:

    Why bring a “ninja” it to train for striking? They don’t fight like that
    and were never mean to fight like that. If you want help training in
    striking bring in a kick boxer. Also don’t shoot on a striker. I mean is
    the guy he was training for incapable of sprawling?

  14. TheDustninja says:

    fuck this why don’t they stand up ffs

  15. nick says:

    As a MMA and Muay Thai instructor this was great. I hear so many people
    claim they’ve taken ninjitsu. And half then can’t even touch there toes. 

  16. John Doe- says:

    That whiter guy is a bad fighter He could have put him into sub Rnc easily
    around 3;40

  17. Kaleb Dodson says:

    perspective check!: Ninjitsu is the most impersonated of all martial arts
    and the least understood, and least combat oriented especially when talking
    unarmed combat. there are 18 disciplines in ninjutsu one of them is for
    unarmed combat, 6 are armed combat, the rest are things like stealth,
    movement and swimming. A good ninja is not one who can win every fight, a
    good ninja is the one that never has to fight. and if he does he uses
    weapons but would much rather just escape without ever fighting. unarmed
    combat is the very very last resort when your entire mission as gone south
    and he has no other choice and so its the least stressed, because the hope
    is that he will never have to use it.

    general statements and questions to put this fight into further perspective
    1: are you sure this guy was trained by a legitimate master or one of the
    hundreds of pretenders who granted know a lot of stuff but weren’t
    themselves trained by illegitimate masters?
    2: some teachers just aren’t good teachers.
    3: some people are just crappy fighters. and this a pro he was fighting
    right? I’d like to see any amateur do any better.
    4: many dojos lack realistic training, so he may actually be very good but
    just lacks the combat experience.
    5: Ninjutsu is admittedly have some flaws: traditionally they have four
    combat stances, if you look at the modern master who has actually used his
    art in a fight, you’ll notice that he likes to alter the stances to make
    them look a little more like the boxing stance used in modern fighting
    systems, because it turns out to be more effective as was proven over time.
    but remember these stances come from a time when ever trained fighter was
    trained in the original “jitsu” form of the traditional martial arts and
    all of them had varied, unique and sometime weird looking stances. even
    just look at the boxing stance from a hundred years ago, these days we
    think it looks pretty weird, and it eventually was phased out because it
    was no longer as effective. times change, though it is important to
    remember were we came from it is maybe more important to adapt to what time
    has proven to be more effective.

    Those are my understanding and thoughts, take them as you will and want. 

  18. Peter Molyneux says:

    lol against a real Boxer none of these guys would stand a chance.

  19. Hontoni Arigato says:

    Sorry that wasn’t a Ninja that was just lame!

  20. phi sher says:

    The only thing I have to say for the “Ninja………” is that he wasn’t
    allowed to rip that guys eyes out. The “ninja……..” shouldn’t have
    sparred the guy. That shows the limit of his training.

  21. Tony Dinh says:

    That guy isn’t any freaking ninja and I bet you he never took ninjutsu, it
    takes a lifetime to master and this guy is bullshit!! Please, don’t make me
    laugh and that’s such an insult to the arts. Wannabe

  22. papercutz6 says:

    Is this Dominic Cruz back when he Was amateur ? His kicks and punches look

  23. Holy RS4fun says:

    I dunno who made this video but you are stupid to think that you had a real
    ninja, did you know that lyoto the dragon Machida was a purple belt? he
    holds the fastest knockout in ufc and went 26-0, and your telling me this
    guy is a real ninja learn to gtfo our nuts you probably never been in the
    same zip code as a ninja, that fight sure wasn’t, as a real ninja might
    accidentally kill someone it the ring, its an art to prevent you from being
    killed, not for sparring.

  24. HarezTube says:

    Holy frak this guy decided to fight a UFC champ.. That is just crazzzzy

  25. haitianxu says:

    Homosexual fighting.