Sterling’s Views On Cruz

Dominic Cruz has been preparing to defend his title against his opponent Urijah Faber and Ajamain Sterling is all prepared for his showdown on 29th of May with Bryan Caraway.

The player has got his eyes on the opponents. As far as Cruz is concerned, he has always performed brilliantly to come on top. He has a tough style of figuring out and not many have been able to solve the puzzle like him since he achieved his title in 2010. Looking at the performances of Cruz and his reputation as a fighter, Sterling is extremely pleased with the idea to match himself with Cruz to play the next battle.

Although Cruz suffered from knee injuries over the last 4 years, he has not shown any sign of weakness and still has the ability to compete with his opponents. As per Ajamain Sterling, Cruz will show his best performances despite of Faber being in the best of physical shape and looks motivated to take the rubber match victory. Dominick Cruz has always been a smart and strong fighter and Sterling has endless appreciations for him. Sterling feels that Cruz will make it to victory and he likes to watch his fights as he looked up to him. So, he is quite excited to be fighting with Cruz to ensure that he wins the world title by defeating one of the strongest fighters.

Being known as the fastest fighters in the martial arts, Dominic Cruz has won hearts of his fans after years. He is known for his quick striking and knack of handling from different angles. Sterling may have all the plans to defeat Cruz but it’s certainly not an easy task to fight against someone like Cruz who has performed splendidly in his previous games. So, let’s wait to figure out the results of the match between Cruz and Faber which will be held on 4th of June.

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