UFC 132 Dominick Cruz – Episode 5, “Champion”

Dominick Cruz Video clip Score: 4 / five

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18 Responses to “UFC 132 Dominick Cruz – Episode 5, “Champion””

  1. MultiFawk says:

    What song @ the running scene?

  2. LiquidDnb4Ever says:

    @RodrigoVanilla93 fuck this song man listen to some damn cypress hill. all bout the bass lines

  3. KyockLee123 says:

    6:50 Bumblebee FTW!!!

  4. HaTeDxTG says:

    10:20 Tito Terminator

  5. RodrigoVanilla93 says:

    damn good song when hes jogging…kanye west feat jay z “never let me down” for those that wanna know 🙂

  6. bfmyac says:

    @dapappacn Urijah, that is?

  7. Gazzaldooo says:

    just watched the weigh ins, cruz you fucking beast hope you destroy urijah’s smug ass

  8. iangilmartin says:

    @GreenCyclone1 that sneaky motherfucker.

  9. dapappacn says:

    the guy has no sense of humor..he’s a dick..takes himself way to serious

  10. TheHyphligh says:

    Video cannot be played on mobile… WHAT?

  11. InGuardWeTrustSYR says:

    you know I really can’t wait to see the results of this fight! It’s too tough to call for me. Tito and Bader is gonna be a snooze fest for sure tho. It will be interesting to see if the fight of the night goes to Cruz vs Faber or Silva vs. Leben. Both are gonna be electric!

  12. blindbrad11 says:

    great series

  13. GreenCyclone1 says:


  14. ac1013dc says:

    lol at Tito wearing sunglasses inside.

  15. 56NIGHTMARE56 says:

    @gurpalrai dont be racist eatson is a beast

  16. gurpalrai says:

    lol i knew the black couldn’t be shy infront of the camera 4:23

  17. Gimpson21 says:

    Dominick Cruz is a lot better than Urijah Faber. It shows in the cage and outside of it.

  18. shoeshimself says:

    DAMN, you cats edit this footage fast!!!!