UFC bantamweight champ, TUF Live coach Dominick Cruz on Urijah Faber feud

Dominick Cruz Movie Score: 5 / 5

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18 Responses to “UFC bantamweight champ, TUF Live coach Dominick Cruz on Urijah Faber feud”

  1. trianglewally7 says:

    Cruz is 157-160 walking weight…just to tell both of you guys

  2. drohoe1 says:

    Have you seen me before?LMAO. I bet your a little person like Cruz, Thats why you got cut when you seen my comment. Hahahahah

  3. drohoe1 says:

    Look how you send me the MSG you pussy with a @, so I dont see it lol. I bet you im more fit than you and I could drop you in 1 punch. Also I bet you have a small dick.

  4. drohoe1 says:

    Are you his boyfriend? Yes Crus is a small fighter, skinny as shit to go with it. My mates 176pounds and 5ft5 and I class him as a small person, Cause he is. Imagine Crus 135pound, my left nut weighs more than that.

  5. SY619 says:

    wtf have u seen cruz in person?? he looks way bigger in person u douche

  6. jed wiley says:

    will see

  7. Dey Fresco says:

    I got Cruz winning again

  8. ironman145614 says:

    get m’ dom!!

  9. drohoe1 says:

    No but I have a giant dick, ask your mumma.

  10. bobylight says:

    I’m for urijah,but cruz being one of the tallest or biggest in 135 should not be an excuse for him being good. Iv’e seen Cruz’s battles and he is definitely fast and explosive from the hip. I wouldn’t say cruz is starving himself but maybe he keeps himself healthy,because if he was starving himself he wouldn’t be as muscular/toned as you can see in his weigh ins,when starving yourself i’m sure the body would result to eating muscle tissue.

  11. joaofelipe1234567 says:


  12. TheSportsCourier says:


  13. basile4567 says:

    @drohoe1 I bet u have a giant gut

  14. 2piecechickenbox says:


  15. drohoe1 says:

    Only weight class Cruz can do good in is 135 cause his the biggest fighter in 135 even though his skinny as shit, he must starve himself a lot. Cruz would have no chance at 145p and thats were he really should be at. Cruz looks like a bag of bones and Urijah looks like a midget standing next to him. like most of Cruz opponents. still I hope Urijah embarrasses his anorexic ass and takes that belt!

  16. jed wiley says:


  17. TheSportsCourier says:

    Gonna be a great fight that can go either way.

  18. jed wiley says:

    Crushed Bowles and getting ready for cruz again.Faber conitues to improve learning from his loses. cruz can be caught and Fabe can catch him. Just needs to go back to the drawing board and find out HOW LOL. Can’t wait for TUF and there rubber match.