UFC Champ Dominick Cruz on Hand Injury, Coaching TUF with Faber + Sparring with Gustafsson

Dominick Cruz Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Champ Dominick Cruz on Hand Injury, Coaching TUF with Faber + Sparring with Gustafsson”

  1. Dan Handy says:

    I never liked faber

  2. tgo007 says:

    he gave such a good answer to the coaching/teaching question. He
    articulates well.

  3. delahoyarizo says:

    They’re just virgins let them be.

  4. dylan graham says:

    checkin out her titties

  5. ProspectNY11211 says:

    Ariel is gonna have to start showing some cleavage.

  6. MBF says:

    @Bwah2012 oh I’m somebody, beleedat!

  7. XxOjOjXx says:

    War cruz, just dont get your hand stuck in his ass.

  8. EDungarian says:

    @MainTerror I agree with you, but what does having a child have to do with
    your titties looking good?

  9. thunderballzz says:

    Urijah was totally outclassed last time. It’s time for Cruz to break that
    gigantic chin

  10. jeremyshambles says:

    Karyn-thanks for posting the weigh ins,& post fight pressers , really
    appreciate your efforts in doing so, cheers from san diego

  11. delahoyarizo says:


  12. Bwah2012 says:

    @BigFellaMarkus thats cuz u r nobody

  13. Christiann McClean says:

    @tuludapac Not really, would be kinda awkward seeing that her husband is
    the camera man

  14. yellowsneakers234 says:

    Cruz has become one of my favorite fighters. Seems like such a chill dude

  15. portuviejo . says:

    I love Karyn’s class and professionalism. Not to mention she’s consistently
    up-to-date with her videos. That’s why I keep coming back

  16. MARCEL4747 says:

    This goes to the top comment. I ticked “like” on your comment but you can’t
    deny that Karyn is fine and has nice tities. Thumbs up to my comment if
    you’re a player.

  17. robbielex says:

    @OmFgFFsWtF Yes but those sexy tan shoulders are still doing it for me!

  18. hzrdswun says:

    @TheCoolieyo u disgust me

  19. MrGoldenWarrior says:

    War Cruz….

  20. Steve Luis says:

    Dominick speaks louder in this interview. he should make it a habbit

  21. LonelyOnWinterMornin says:

    @bivcyz00 we’re guys, we love boobs for some reason.

  22. Young Achilles says:

    @ThaAnswer1203 I’m tired of that fight altogether

  23. rfc2031 says:

    cruz would beat aldo fairly easy that fight needs to happen soon

  24. MrQueerification says:

    cruz is lookin a little fat lately

  25. GosuGrinder says:

    @bivcyz00 Half the people are pervs, simple math 😉