UFC Champ / TUF Coach Dominick Cruz on Urijah Faber: “He’s Just Always Saying Something Dumb”

Dominick Cruz Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Champ / TUF Coach Dominick Cruz on Urijah Faber: “He’s Just Always Saying Something Dumb””

  1. snausegman says:

    your a huge faggot lmao

  2. kevinlevrone21 says:

    Who said I was on steroids.

  3. J Smith says:

    ur pic with the huge black dude

  4. kevinlevrone21 says:

    Oh he took steroids?

  5. J Smith says:

    His last names cruz. y u like guys on roids?

  6. kevinlevrone21 says:

    The Ultimate Fighter reality show and Dominick Cruz brought me to UFC.

  7. kevinlevrone21 says:

    Oh hes mexican, he looks white.

  8. onalyd says:

    troll I would destroy you in one round

  9. EsotericOaf says:

    you’re a dumbass troll dude. Cruz is a warrior. Mighty Mouse is a warrior. fuck off with your stupidity.

  10. natemixon40 says:

    Have you ever fought a midget? Its confusing and not fun.

  11. onalyd says:

    dude, jones’ opponents are large than average size human beings. Mighty Mouse is a borderline midget. do you not understand the distinction?

  12. EsotericOaf says:


    dc was 4 inches taller
    jones is like 4 inches taller than all of his opponents too

    i guess that means jones’ accomplishments should be thrown out the window as well.

  13. onalyd says:

    mighty mouse is a midget who got ragdolled by ian mcall! Am I supposed to be impressed??? god you’re a simpleton

  14. EsotericOaf says:

    dominick beat mighty mouse with a broken hand. . . god you’re a dumbass

  15. EsotericOaf says:


    we’re talking about a champion that has to fight the best in the world.

    if you were given the opportunity to allow your knee to heal before fighting the best in the world, you would. you’d be a retard not to.

    also, lol, shamrock vs. baroni

    yeah they’re amazing…

  16. EsotericOaf says:

    you are one dumb cunt mate i swear

    please go tear your acl and see if you can fight dumbass

  17. joegregor1993 says:


  18. joegregor1993 says:

    They won’t let you fight with a Trinity acl in the ufc and if you do you won’t be able to fight again Cruz is better then faker and your cousin is a dumbass poser

  19. k3vinheyland says:

    LOL why you taking this so personal? Calm down, its only a YouTube comment. Something makes me feel that youre making stories up bro. You gave me 3 examples, there have been how many championship fights exactly? You said youve watched Pride and all them since they started so you should know how many champions defended their belts while injured. Dont give me 3 examples and claim your point has been proven. And you dont know me either. Dont assume your cousin can smash my face in cause hes “pro”.

  20. onalyd says:

    OK genius, I gave you many examples, I proved you wrong so now just admit you were ignorant. Somebody that talked a lot but didn’t know anything and fuck off. as far as my cousin, yeah he is a pro, and will be in the UFC. and he’d be could smash your skull with only one or two working appendages, no problem

  21. k3vinheyland says:

    Lol i dont have to do research, im not trying to prove a completely opinion-based theory. Im just arguing against it, YOU have to prove it yourself. I dont really care what youre cousin did because i doubt he fights in the UFC or probably in any professional organization. No disrespect to your cousin but when he reaches the UFC championship belt and he defends it with a torn off limb then ill believe you.

  22. onalyd says:

    jesus man, do your own research… Matt Hamill, King Mo….
    my cousin fought last year with a torn ACL so don’t give me your shit. 

  23. k3vinheyland says:

    You do need to give me cases to support your accusation. You cannot give me more than that one Shamrock case anyways. You acted with such conviction that you were 100% right and now youre just playing it off.

  24. onalyd says:

    that’s cause I got stuff to do. I don’t need to give you a million cases, do your own research. After just this one case I can prove that Cruz is cowardly compared to Shamrock. Maybe compared to you he’s not but I have a standard and guys like Shamrock back it up.

  25. k3vinheyland says:

    Took you a week to reply? And just because one case supports your theory doesnt prove it.