UFC Live: Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson

Dominick Cruz Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Live: Dominick Cruz vs Demetrious Johnson”

  1. xReD3MpTi0Nx says:

    wow! that is smooth!

  2. ArtRadmall says:

    Competition is very exciting, I like to see, want their technology getting better and better, more beautiful game

  3. Mexiqtioner66 says:

    Talk about a sticky situation!

  4. Mexiqtioner66 says:

    Wrestling is a hands on sport

  5. IceyInfernoman says:

    Caption: Looks like its Dingleberry season!

  6. MicGreatest2000 says:

    R kelly dont pee on me

  7. KreyzAim says:

    cup your hand when you cough man..

  8. KreyzAim says:

    First-ever…hand made cup..

  9. KreyzAim says:

    George and Jimmy in their high school years..

  10. Mexiqtioner66 says:

    Caption: hey, it’s better then women’s mma

  11. Mexiqtioner66 says:

    All this match needs is just Bacon Strips!

  12. 8701F says:

    Caption : I rather fight him instead of gsp

  13. MicGreatest2000 says:

    Your good

  14. MicGreatest2000 says:

    Caption squeez it very tight let it loose

  15. MicGreatest2000 says:

    Caption Ball Game

  16. Z3J1 says:

    caption: How not to check if your opponent is on steroids…

  17. TheAzzmaster5000 says:

    caption: Gives new meaning to “got him by the short hairs” I suspect it’s just an evolution of the Californian wrestling move “checking the oil” aka the nut drag First match I’ve ever seen lead into a hand job and then a jealous lover bust on the stage

  18. TheAzzmaster5000 says:

    caption: The first rule of wrestling fight club is to go for the balls-
    Do you think the next time they saw each other The guy that grab his balls for an apologize gave him a BJ-Wrestling may as well be gay porn – Talking about the ultimate submision hold-it’s all part of the human anatomy If you can use it to your advantage, go for it people need to be more mature – Taken from behind while his arms are captive…good one…I wanna wrestle him
    Is that what they call soft P.O.R.N

  19. Mexiqtioner66 says:

    Don’t worry dude, no homo

  20. TheRy4an says:

    Caption : I got nothing, just give me the stereo

  21. Galwaybanana says:

    caption: Taking matters into your own hand

  22. Galwaybanana says:

    caption: Handling the Situation like a Boss

  23. jesse250 says:

    Caption: Thumb comes fresh with bispings spit.

  24. 1992laaguila says:

    caption: bjj

  25. TheAzzmaster5000 says:

    caption:Gives new meaning to “got him by the short hairs”