UFC Undisputed 3 Renan Barao Vs Dominick Cruz UFC Mode Gameplay Xbox 360/PS3 HD HQ

Dominick Cruz Movie Ranking: 3 / 5

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15 Responses to “UFC Undisputed 3 Renan Barao Vs Dominick Cruz UFC Mode Gameplay Xbox 360/PS3 HD HQ”

  1. 08011697272 says:

    god damn it…… god damn it…… god damn it

  2. fackuu94 says:

    yes, barao win….next in the real life 😀

  3. IldeTheTerror says:

    The Hell? Renan Barao is 25-year-old!

  4. Nik0minat0r says:

    do u know what is renan barao’ s entrance song in ufc 3???

  5. alex9033 says:

    You know, to make matters worse, the Undisputed website not only got Renan’s age wrong, it doesn’t even say what the game does. Website says he’s 27.

  6. TheCurrymanEffect says:


  7. MannyMMA says:

    its pronounced with a h lol

  8. UFC3FAN says:

    reinan raining bara roo 😀

  9. ryukenb2k says:

    Hey mate you are too funny. mate you had me laughing my arse off. you sound like an african american LOL. GOD DAMN IT 29 GOD DAMN IT 29 GOD DAMN IT 29. I find african american accents funny and cool at the same time. like when u said bullshit. it sounded like hell was going on here and gigantic

  10. r4gEd says:

    lol they got renan baraos age wrong, he’s 25 not 29 lol.

  11. latandafour says:

    You should definitely use jabs as Cruz, he has the highest speed in the game and they made jabs much more effective in this game.

  12. xtremeknowledge14 says:

    i have a question for u guys if u dont mind answering it pride mode can u do light heavyweight vs heavyweight fights for example rashad evans vs brock lesnar would appreciate if u answer this for me because i might pick this game up.THANKS

  13. casino16 says:

    heres a tip, use the jabs and straights, they are fast and do damage in this game, especially when ur opponent is throwing hooks

  14. drumdude360 says:

    yo go to ur option & put the fighter hud on so you can c ur stamina & how much dmg u taking

  15. nuchh23 says:

    @gamingdekap yo, can you do a game with rashad Evans? Thanks man