Uriah Faber on Dominick Cruz: I Have Something He Wants..Fan Support & Respect

Dominick Cruz Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Uriah Faber on Dominick Cruz: I Have Something He Wants..Fan Support & Respect”

  1. masteroflife777 says:

    Cruz does have fan support, and respect..

  2. NeonAstral says:

    @seattle0002 thats the fun of it, suggest something completely retarded, or play on serious note and make a suggestion on something that will give a huge advantage to you.

  3. seattle0002 says:

    I HATE when the interviewers ask what tips a fighter would give to an opponent. “How would you suggest someone fight a carbon copy of you”. How about FUCK OFF and ask me a question that isn’t retarded? Why would I give my opponent an advantage? Fucking stupid.

  4. florin171 says:

    fun support?because you are a metrosexual urijah…..and the emo generation likes you….

  5. zegonzalesoficial says:

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  6. z0neC0reeee says:

    fucking arrogant
    he scares when he heard the name of Jose Aldo

  7. philliesworldchamps2 says:

    @cujo905 Just to prove your point my dad hates fighting and is letting me buy this fight on PPV just because on the preview.. And after the main event tonight he will want too.

  8. Panther44556 says:

    @baphomet58 do you know who are the fighters? these are two great fighters right here… go watch their last fight as well as their other fights…. if your a true MMA fan you would know this is going to get a lot more buys bc of the fact of the names….

  9. maocapoeira says:

    @baphomet58 LMAO you really don´t know shit. the ufc wants Faber to win because he´s a huge star him with the belt equals super sales

  10. maocapoeira says:

    you know watching these 2 interviews Faber seems like the more arrogant one.

  11. bfmyac says:

    Cruz has something Faber wants, the belt haha

  12. SinisterSkip says:

    I hate it when reporters already answer their own freaking questions when interviewing fighters. Just ask an OPEN QUESTION let the fighter answer it, don’t already give answer A, B or C. That’s just stupid, ask a short, to the point, open questions, let the fighter do the talking.

  13. vibit7 says:

    @NephilimOnslaught I didn’t realize Nephy is an MMA fan.

  14. thewelshviper says:

    @baphomet58 FAG

  15. shonuffLA says:

    @baphomet58 every fight video you get everybody pissed off, hilarious

  16. bukofezra says:

    i hope Faber gets his ass whooped….

  17. MMAspiritus says:

    @baphomet58 That’s what I’m worried about too. I thought Dana would bring these lower weight classes along more slowly.

  18. MMAspiritus says:

    I wanted Faber in a main event. But I didn’t expect it to come so soon. He needs to put on a tremendous performance.

  19. lilsm555 says:

    The reporter talks to fast he needs to relax.

  20. TheEbopallday says:

    This guy gets a lot of titles shots lol

  21. shoeshimself says:

    Maybe this upcoming loss will teach Faber to be more humble, because obviously being ran out ov the 145 division by Aldo and Brown didn’t….

  22. cujo905 says:

    @baphomet58 200k buys? This isnt strikeforce buddy or WEC…Faber is a big star, Cruz is the champ..its a rematch and then you got Wandy, Leben, Tito, Bader, Condit etc…This fight will be somewhere around 7-800 k buys…UFC has stacked cards so people dont look at one fight to determine wheather to buy it…Anyone who will be watching Cruz or especially Faber fight for the first time…will want to watch them again..Its called smart promoting.

  23. imhungry4444 says:

    @baphomet58 obviously your not a true mma fan. go back to WWE

  24. bebIessed says:

    @ckeckitouthi He might of ran, but you’re still terribly illiterate

  25. bebIessed says:

    @baphomet58 If you don’t like it, dont watch it?

    Are you retarted?